55 Ways To Have Fun With Google

24 Jun 2006

Free download of the day:

55 Ways To Have Fun With Google

The full .pdf of Philipp’s book, 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google, is now available on As the book is Creative Commons licensed, you are encouraged to copy, read, share, remix, convert, quote, browse, and print the .pdf to your liking. If you do create conversions, e.g. an HTML version, please send the URL so Philipp can link to it from

If you’re a true booklover or papersniffer, you can also buy the book, which contains over 220 pages and is available at for $16.50 or at Amazon for $19.66.

Download the .pdf (7.88 Mb)
There’s also a .zip file with the Word document (7.5 MB)

Read the review I did after proof-reading the book.

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