Mini Guerrilla

09 May 2006

Johan Van Oeckel, a freelance concept and art director, sent me these pictures of some work he did for ‘Antwerpen Miniatuurstad’. The Antwerp Miniature City is a tourist attraction in Antwerp and as the name might suggest, it’s the tiny version of the city of Antwerp. Guido Portael, an industrial engineer in electro mechanics, started the concept in 1986 and it kept growing ever since. Johan did some work to promote the mini city with a keen take on the concept: hit & run advertising, but in its tiniest form.

The first image is a miniature ‘publimobile’, or in other words: a truck designed to drive around ads, something you see very often (especially on busy shopping days). The second one is a miniature version of a typical street ad – a small billboard, very often with a city map on the back and placed on the sidewalk. The third one is a miniature version of a Vespasius ad, which are placed in public restrooms and in bars, restaurants etc.

Mini PubliMobile

Mini Abribus

Mini Vespasius

This work has been nominated for an award in the category Original Media by CCB, The Creative Club Belgium, and was ‘ordered’ by LDV United.
Nice work. Thanx Johan.


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    May 10, 2006 at 2:50 am

    mini-car from ex-antwerpian….

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