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31 Jan 2006

Either I pissed off Google, which is unlikely, or Chris Nolan’s tool is not working right and Eh List? no longer crawls Google to display results in a nice graph. Whatever it is,… it sure looks funny.

Google Rank 0

Google has indexed 0 of your pages (no change) with 0 back links (no change) to your site and 342 links from blogs (no change) as of 2 minutes ago

Hmm… weird. It must be something in Chris’s script. Nathan’s stats show it too.

On the side: Anybody knows how often Technorati updates ‘Rank’? Since the dip it took about a month ago, seems like nobody ‘new’ is linking to me lately, although in their search results I count at least 16 new blogs linking to this blog, in the last three days. (Thanks to all those blogs, by the way) It seems the Technorati tool only added two blogs in the last 20 days. How funky. 47 days ago I had 100 sites linking, whatever happened to them? Does anybody knows why Technorati actually is counting down? They removed cache? People unlinked? How does it work?

18,904 (674 links from 91 sites) as of 2 minutes ago
18,904 (674 links from 91 sites) as of 7 hours ago
18,966 (674 links from 91 sites) as of 2 days ago
18,859 (674 links from 91 sites) as of 5 days ago
18,744 (674 links from 91 sites) as of 7 days ago
19,045 (662 links from 90 sites) as of 9 days ago
19,064 (662 links from 90 sites) as of 12 days ago
19,147 (694 links from 89 sites) as of 19 days ago
17,756 (684 links from 93 sites) as of 21 days ago
17,323 (693 links from 94 sites) as of 26 days ago
17,281 (693 links from 94 sites) as of 28 days ago
16,961 (702 links from 95 sites) as of 33 days ago
16,637 (720 links from 96 sites) as of 35 days ago
16,242 (756 links from 97 sites) as of 40 days ago
15,608 (742 links from 99 sites) as of 42 days ago
15,162 (726 links from 100 sites) as of 47 days ago
17,374 (765 links from 92 sites) as of 54 days ago

Eh List? tracks some of my webstats since November last year. See all my stats and join in, it’s free.

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