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29 Jan 2006

This is a beautiful interactive game to promote the album of The Polyphonic Spree, a music collective that has some very sweet music out. Although it’s a promotional game for the 2004 album, I’m quite entertained and the final song, when you’ve finished level 3, reminds me a lot of The Beatles. During the game some tracks are used to illustrate the journey musically and I must say it’s really suitable. I like it a lot. The fact I didn’t notice it for so long is just incomprehensible. It’s so beautifully illustrated, orchestrated… I rate it ‘A’ for ‘Adorable’. You just got to try this !

Level 1

For a walkthrough and more screenshots,

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Click three times on all three of the little green dots of the cactus. They’ll turn to flowers, then to balls. Click on the first ball on the left side, then when the mouse comes out of the cactus to get it, click on the second ball. Then click the turtle. The turtle will start to move. When it’s eating the second ball you’ve dropped, click the third ball (the one on the right). The turtle will move again. Then click on the puppet on the sled.

Level 2

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Click on the first mushroom next to the puppet with the green dress. Then click on the next mushroom on the right of it. Then click on the twig above the puppet. Now click on the grey mushroom below the puppet. The puppet will fall, a cloud will come out of the mushroom, making the fox go away. Click on the leaves of the plant at the foot of the tree, they will go away, revealing a hole. The other puppets will come down and follow the ‘leader’ into the hole. Click on the second flower next to the tree. The puppet will jump. Click on the frog, it will try to get the dragonfly. The flower the dragonfly was on will start to move. Time your jump and hit the moving flower. Click on the cane between the bushes on the right.

Level 3

* Spoiler * [highlight (select) to read]

In the water, there is one anemone of the four that when clicked ’spits’ out green bubbles. Hit it when a grey fish with a yellow line swims over it. The octopus will eat it and will get sick and leaves. Click on the top of the submarine. The three puppets will dive and go into it. Click on the captain’s window. Switch the middle lever to start the engine, the left one to go up, the right one to start moving to the right.


Amazing, isn’t it? I love interactivity in this form. A-do-ra-ble ! Go check out the game !

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