Arms TeleSales For Amnesty International

28 Jan 2006

Hilarious viral, bitter truth. That about sums it up. Amnesty International UK is campaigning for an International Arms Trade Treaty in coalition with Oxfam and IANSA (the International Action Network on Small Arms). The marketing behind this campaign is just splendid for a topic like this. They’ve made a TeleShop commercial for the Protect The Human theme about the AK-47, the world’s most famous weapon and used by infant soldiers all over this crust.

In the commercial they say they have 10.000 units stocked somewhere outside the British borders, but due to a hole in regulations they can be shipped immediately. At the end of the commercial over 9000 have been sold for hard cash and through off-shore bank accounts, which they also accept. Here are some screenshots:

Amnesty Spot 1

Amnesty Spot 2

Amnesty Spot 3

Amnesty Spot 4

The aim of the campaign is to collect signatures (faces) for The ‘Million Faces’ of people from around the world by June 2006. It’s a way for you to show your concern about the spread of arms. Almost 500.000 faces are collected already ! Join them now. Next to the movie is a sign up button and a send to friend button. Do this, you won’t regret it. If there is one cause to fight for, it’s to prevent deadly weapons like this to be sold so easily and have children use them in a war that’s not theirs.

Video files are available for modem snails (7mb), broadband chickens (13mb) and LAN roadrunners (18mb). Also formats for video podcast and PSP. Go there, see the TeleShop Clip and send it to your friends !
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