Radio Firefox With Jason Schramm

27 Jan 2006

Jason, the guy with whom I did the Blogiarism series on this blog and on his, has his own radio show at the very funky radio station called “Radio Firefox”. In his show on January 25th, he referred to me, to this website and to our collaboration on the blog plagiarism topic, which Randy Charles Morin defined in this context for the first time and referred to it as ‘blogiarism’. The first two episodes of his show are up and ready for download.

In his podcasts of the radio show, Jason points out handy tools and Grease monkey scripts to get things done in Firefox. He also talks about recent search engine related news and about a lot of other things that cross his mind once the red light is flashing above his broadcasting booth.

The episode in which I’m featured was all about Government request for search engine data, Corporate bloggers, Plagiarizing blogs, Google, Google News, Disney/Pixar Deal, Firefox Extensions.

Radio Firefox is a tech-oriented radio show, with a companion website that has podcasts and excerpts from the shows.

Subscribe to the podcast : here

The show isn’t available on the airwaves in Europe, but the podcasts are. Tune in here to get some !

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