Conclusive Link Dump, Dec. 29th

29 Dec 2005

Yeah. It’s the final link dump . It had to come this far some day. There’ll be no more linking posts on this blog this year. Here’s some stuff from the inbox :

Read :

* It was a year with both positives and negatives for RFID. (top stories)
* KB Cafe Blog Awards – Vote once in category nr. 32 for this blog :)
* Track Chitika Clicks with Google Analytics
* Real-time texting for deaf people
* No Room In MySpace For YouTube
* Looking For A Sponsor
* Top 50 gadgets of the past 50 years
* Halfway Between Product Placement And A Commercial
* How Big A Problem Is Blog Plagiarism?
* Target Your Co-Workers With USB Air Darts

Do :

* Scott Blake’s Bar Code Art Clock
* Openomy organizes files and users online via tags
* Identify Syndicated Content, Use the Customizable Feed Icons

Download From Coolz0r :

(right-click, save as) [pdf, 611 kb, 53 pages]
* Advertising Age’s 19th Annual Global Marketing 2005. All Facts & Figures.

Image from [here]


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