Flex Your Rights : Subway Searches

27 Jul 2005

The Flex Your Rights Foundation is a public education group teaching people to understand, appreciate, and assert their constitutional rights during police encounters. In response to the recent London terror attacks, New York police officers are now conducting random searches of bags and packages brought into the subway. Luckily the Belgian coppers haven’t turned to paranoid searchers yet. But it’s legal to refuse such a search. You have that right. Nobody can force you to comply ‘just because’ you’re told to.

“While Flex Your Rights takes no position on the usefulness of these searches for preventing future attacks, we have serious concerns that this unprecedented territorial expansion of police search powers is doing grave damage to people’s understanding of their Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. “If you’re carrying a bag or package into the subway, here’s what you need to know and do in order to safely and intelligently “flex” your rights :

  1. When Refusing a Search, Be Cool
  2. Refusal is Not Guilt
  3. Shut Your Mouth and Your Wallet
  4. Do Not Physically Resist
  5. WARNING: Do Not Run !
    If you refuse to be searched and run into the station, you could be shot to death! On Friday, an innocent man was shot in the head by police in a London subway station. The man had run away after being approached by an undercover officer.

More about your rights at [FlexYourRights] via [BoingBoing]

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