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29 Jun 2005

Looks like many other bloggers have been posting pictures and words, so I’ll link them up here, with some nice pics in between. Many of the posts are in Flemish, so it’s quite possible you can’t understand what is written. Nevertheless, ‘pixels’ is a universal lingo.
Et pour les Wallons la même chose.

Very nice pics with very nice comments on VH’s Flying Circus.
Thanks for linking me up ! The linking is mutual :)

BD4 LVB, Coolz0r and Bart from Clickx and Vacature.
BD3 Making conversation with Maarten Schenk, a core-developer of Skynet Blogs, and currently happily promoting home-employment, TypePad and MoveableType for SixApart’s Belgian and Dutch market.

In the end he decided not to throw the plate ;)

Rik Boey sits next to me.

BD2 VH’s very nifty shirt. No comment.
BD1 Tanguy Veys, Visual Hugo and Luc Van Braekel, the ‘political corner’. As you can see, the VH almost fits twice in Tanguy. That says a lot about politics. Heheh.


[VHBlog's Photos] 71 pieces

[The BlogDinnerPool on Flickr] 80 pieces and hopelfully counting.

[LVB's Pixagogo Gallery]

Link-a-roony mostly in Flemish :

LVB – Geslaagde blogdinner in Gent
Smetty – Blog Dinner, The Day After + twee
Michel Vuijlsteke – Uitgegaan – [spin off]
Kerygma – één + twee
Visual Hugo – één + twee
Tanguy Veys – Bloggers blaffen, maar bijten niet - denkt hij.

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  1. Michel Vuijlsteke

    January 16, 2006 at 9:24 pm

    Eeee! It’s a timewarp thingy!