While You Pee

28 Apr 2005

Men have always been going to the toilet alone. By themselves. Women on the other hand, have a tendency to go with a friend. I’ve always thought things were like this because someone had to watch the door in case anything happened. Or maybe for some quick restauration works here and there if two hands weren’t enough to do the maintenancing withing acceptable time limits. But that’s not the reason of this post. Gentlemen, we now have a reason to go per two too !

Werner Dupont & Bart Geraets used to be classmates and hung around in bars a lot, as regular students tend to do. They’ve noticed that ‘going for a wizz’ is anything but a social event behind the ‘Men’ doors. To resolve this matter, they’ve made a construction including two urinals with sensors and two monitors that display a game or advertisement. Using your beam to pilot the PONG bar or a race car, you can spend your time in the toilets competing with friends. Loser’s the one who’s out of beam.

Set up : “wouldn’t it be nice if two strangers went into a toilet and both came out laughing?” – I say : Yes ! A pleestation for everybody !

If there’s no one to play against, advertisements can be programmed to appear. Changing ads is as easy as changing the beam to the left or the right. Puts out the fire as well. ;)

What it looks like :

Pee Game 1 Pee Game 2
Sensors are located in the area around the red arrows. A CPU inside the display calculates what needs to be done and projects the output on a small monitor. This is how it looks like.
The screen is protected against vandalism or ‘nightlife’ in general.
In dutch ‘pleestation’ is almost pronounced as: ‘playstation’.

Sources :
I’ve read it in this paper. (.be)
Saw it on the PleeStation site (.be)

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