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28 Apr 2005

It’s been over a year now since the Dubai-based company IlkoneTel has launched their first handset designed for the Islamic community, the Ilkone i800. To be exact, the first announcements were made in july 2004. Very soon, IlkoneTel’s mobile will become available to the Belgian market too. Imported by Masira, the company claims it is the perfect example of how technology and innovation can strengthen the power of a mobile phone, targeting the specific needs of Muslims (in general).

From IlkoneTel’s site about the Ilkone i800 :

“Mobile phones that connect your spirits as you never experienced before, you can carry and have access to your belief whenever you are and wherever you need, as you progress through life”

“The name ilkone is driven from an Arab word meaning universe.”


5 Ramadan calender with built in automatic alarms for Sohour, Imsak and Iftar
5 The complete Holy Quran text with English Translation, approved by Al-Azhar
4 Automatic Qibla direction from anywhere in the world (the direction to pray in)
3 Pray in the mosque : automatic silence and switching to vibration mode for 40 minutes from Azan
2 Hijri calender, the Islamic calender and date convertion
1 Azan of Mecca, Madina & Cairo Voice, from anywhere in the world, with prayer alarm before and after Azan

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Click here for the Gizmodo Gadgets post of July 12th, 2004
Click here for IlkoneTel’s productpage

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