27 Apr 2005

We, as modern people, are driven by comparison. We always compare our situation to those of others to look for any sign of discrimination or maltreatment of any kind. So too in our search queries on the web. How often have you entered the same keywords into Google and Yahoo, just so you could compare the results and fish for things one or the other didn’t display in the search results. Well. That time’s long gone now.

Once listed on Slashdot as an April’s Fool post, this project has begun its life as a stand-alone showcase, hosted by Asgeir S. Nilssen, a 31 year old technology architect from Norway. It’s very useful in the quest for the one true site. The merging of the two biggest search engines online is also a very symbolical fact to the web-o-sphere.

So from now on, we can compare the search results from both engines in one window. Very handy indeed.


Here’s the box ! Go ahead, try it out. Search something. ;) 


Click here to go read the YaGooHoo!gle Blog

Click here to go to YaGoohoo!

Heads up to F4gh4N1 for the lead.

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