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Reverse Beer Site

01 Apr 2006

Miller Brewing created a branded website for its Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor. Before you start saying ‘oh great, just another beer site’, check out the concept because it’s quite unique. Instead of promoting the beer and telling you how good it is, the Mickey’s website tells you where not to drink, what not to say, what not to do and what not to download. They’ve put everything in reverse which creates a rather comical effect.


The ‘What Not To Say’ section features 8 clips of a pre-party of some friends hanging out and one of them keeps saying the wrong things. You can rate the clips and send them off to your buddies.
The ‘What Not To Do’ section is filled with practical jokes you can pull with your friends. Some are hilarious, others even more. I especially like the one with the alligators, but that’s not quite doable around here, so I’ll stick with the alarm clocks. A classic, but still very funny.
‘What Not To Wear’ is the brand’s clothing shop. That’s pretty obvious.
‘What Not To Download’ is the requisite wallpaper-buddy icons-screensaver section.

What I like most about this site is the appearance of Norwood Browne McManus IV, the vice chairman, in every section with some funny catchphrases like “beautiful women are dangerous, they will make you go blind” or “Do not mix the Mickey’s with deep space exploration”. It’s a must see thingy.

The last section of the site is called What Not To Pitch To Mickey’s, and it’s a place where you can find some clips of failed product pitches. Also very funny to watch.

So, This beer site isn’t quite your average product site. They’ve put things in another perspective and actually did it quite well.

Check out Mickey’s new site | via AdRants


Reklamhavuzu Marketing Blog

01 Apr 2006

Read the license agreement and then select ‘Install ‘.


Spicing Up The Catalog

31 Mar 2006

The Shai Clothing line is taking things just that bit further with the 2006 Sexpacking Catalog. If you’re tired of all these semi-naked women and men dancing around in all kinds of commercials from kitchenware to hamburgers, this might be what you’re looking for. In three Adobe Flash movies, the interactive catalog is presented with roll-over motion controls. This means that you’ll be looking at a spicy movie where there are little green dots next to the clothing items the actors are wearing. Rolling over the movie wilt pause it, giving you the opportunity to explore the products that are shown. It’s a pretty daring concept, and it’s the first of this kind I’ve seen. These clips are definitely not safe for work. Seriously.

Shai Clothing 1

Shai Clothing 2

The catalog is downloadable in many types of formats. There’s a PC download (.mov), an iPod download, files for PSP and mobile and a source code to blog the clips. Since I’m not really sure how many people read this blog from work, I’m not going to blog the movie. I’m sure you’ll understand.

Shaï interactive catalogs include X-rated pornographic content intended for adults only. These catalogs can be downloaded for private use only,
and in no case should be transferred to non-consenting individuals or to minors.

The ‘Goodies’ section contains screensavers, wallpapers and track downloads. The audio has been produced specially for this project by nventa. The song you hear is called “No reason to be Shai” and it’s carrying the brand message.

Created by: agence7seven (FullSix Group)
Directed by: Hervé Bodilis
Produced by: Video Marc Dorcel
Starring: Oksana d’Harcourt, Sébastien Barrio, Titoff, Gamal Simon, Sophie Moon and Zafira.

Check out | via MIT Adverlab


BMW Films: The Hire

30 Mar 2006

Yeah. Because Pirelli started doing film too, and because the download link to the BMW download site seems to be down (traffic, I presume) I looked around a little on YouTube and lo and behold: all the BMW movies have been uploaded there. Here’s “Star” – starring Clive Owen and Madonna, directed by Guy Ritchie.

Here’s a link to most of the clips…


Pirelli: The Call

30 Mar 2006

Pirelli Tyres decided to do something different instead of ‘just a calendar’. Instead, they’ve chosen to follow BMW in the track of branded movies. In this case the movie’s title is ‘The Call’ (A tale of power, a tale of control) and Pirelli casted John Malkovitch & Naomi Campbell in this piece of motion, directed by Antoine Fuqua. The movie itself is kind of weird. There are practically no dialogues and the scenes are very confusing. Bottom line of the story: Naomi is a devil in a car and John does some exorcism. It’s a fight between power and control.

The Call

Check out The Call | Agency: Leo Burnett Italy

Related: Download Guy Ritchie’s ‘The Hire’ for BMW Films (70+ Mb)
(if the site’s not down)
BMW Films main site


Pimp My Room

29 Mar 2006

Again a very cool idea from The Netherlands, where ABN Amro’s student banking division parked a huge green couch in 20 student cities during the freshman introduction week. On this day, the students’ pictures were taken and placed on the ‘Pimp My Room’ website. Apparently some male students had the chance to pose with some pretty-faced/nice-bodied models, but most of the photographs are just-friends pics. Still, pretty nifty idea. In case you were wondering if this was it… No, it wasn’t. The coolest thing about the campaign was that the student could go to the site and download their pictures OR they could have it printed out on postcards or business cards and actually send it around the globe, even via MMS (picture sending via mobile).

Green Couch

The Shoot & Share event was tied to a co-production with MTV. What exactly is Shoot & Share?

  • The best way for brands to have more impact during and after an event
  • A marketing tool that combines photo marketing at events with the viral marketing power of icecards and Pass-Along-Postcards
  • The most effective way to drive traffic during and after the event
  • The best way to extend the impact of your event marketing programs.
Shoot & Share

Visit (Dutch)
IceMedia Event Marketing – Shoot & Share
via Springwise | Thanx, Tom


Everything is Chocolate

29 Mar 2006

It’s one thing to see a chocolate Xbox360, it’s another to have chocolate business cards, it’s yet another to have you logo printed in chocolate… but the most interesting thing so far is having your pictures captured in this sweet Chocpix bar.

“In every bar of tasty white chocolate is a hidden, detailed picture – revealed by simply holding it up to any bright light. All kinds of images can be captured in a Chocpix bar… detailed photographs, artwork, cartoons, logos. A huge variety of subjects, from occasions to tourist locations, pop groups to sports action or even movie scenes to product shots, can be “hidden” in the chocolate bar, then revealed by the consumer before the bar is eaten.”

The intricate photographs are made up solely from the finely detailed thicknesses of chocolate.


Then there’s Schoko-Logo:

SchokoLogo specializes in custom molded chocolate gifts for businesses, promotions, and special occasions. Our fine custom chocolate pieces made from genuine Belgian chocolate. Your satisfaction with our chocolate is guaranteed! Chocolate customized with your company logo or promotion makes a great business gift.

One example is the LeeCooper logo, but there are plenty of others.


So, follow the links to get your sweets:

Chocpix, captured images on a bar.
Your Schoko-Logo, A pleasure in shape.
A chocolate business card (via)
via MIT Adverlab


30 Years Of Apple Commercials

29 Mar 2006

Here’s an interesting video about the history of Apple’s commercials:

30 Years of Apple
Video uploaded by samdprod via G-Marketing

On a sidenote: Apple is being sued by the Beatles, or what’s left of them. Here’s how that started:

In 1968 The Beatles started Apple Records, a label that mostly focused on releasing music for either The Beatles or some other artists at that time. That label expanded to some projects on the side, with subdivisions called Apple Electronics and Apple Films (and some other divisions)

Steve Jobs created his first Apple in 1976, with a focus on graphical interfaces and tools. Already in 1981 there was a first lawsuit in which Jobs had to pay $ 80.000 for the use of the apple logo, which he had used as a tribute to The Beatles. Back then Jobs made the promise to never step into the music industry.

In 1989 there was a second lawsuit, when Jobs introduced a program to create music. In 1991 a new settlement was agreed upon, this time for $ 26 million. In exchange he was granted some rights which allowed him (and Apple) to develop products that could be used to reproduce or play music. Selling music was a right that wasn’t included in the deal.

Today Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr & Olivia Harrison are going to sue again, this time because iTunes & iPod are violating the agreement they settled for the case of 1989, settled in 1991. 1991’s agreement can be interpreted in different ways: is Apple just offering channels for data-transmission or is it really doing what it had promised not to do: selling music.

According to some sources, the talks have started already and it could be the largest settlement ever; excluding class-action cases. Some even whisper that the settlement might include the members of the Beatles side to gain a nice and comfy seat in Apple’s managers board. Time will tell…