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New Contest

24 Mar 2007

All righty! The first contest was won by Mattias Celis, a student who’s currently doing an internship at the famous SnowByLG&F agency. If all goes well the package will be in the mail by Monday. Time for another contest. One of the most coolest swag items I’ve received at CeBit, the consumer electronics fair in Hannover, Germany, is this very wicked Wolf King keyboard. I’m throwing it in for the contest. The person who sends in the best link or campaign in the next two weeks (so before April 7th) gets it mailed to his/her home address. The only rule: it’s got to have something to do with marketing or advertising.

Wolf King Warrior Keyboard


The Wolf King Warrior Gaming Keypad is the ultimate gaming weapon. Perfect for PC Gamers looking for a portable game pad or just looking for more flexibility. The Warrior connects to your computer via USB and is plug and play. It features 55 ergonomically placed control keys commonly used in FPS games. Speed, control and communication is critical in making the moves and decisions that can make the difference between life & death, victory or defeat. This keyboard gives you the advantage over your counterparts who use obsolete technology. Its “one palm size fits all keys” concept will make your movement more precise and deadly to your opponents. Be the Leader Of the Pack with the Weapon Of Champions.

Send your entries through the mail link in the sidebar (Mail Coolz0r) and put ‘contest entry’ in the subject line. I’ll be happy to feature your links and tips. May the best link win. Have your friends vouch for your entry in the comments. The three posts with the most comments and trackbacks are selected for finals, and the audience decides who gets the prize.

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Congratulations Mattias Celis

19 Mar 2007

…because you’re the winner of the ad contest from last week. I’ll send you an email asap to get your contact data, and I’ll send you the speech pack per snailmail for you to enjoy! Thanks to the contributors for participating. The next contest is coming up later this week with yet another super nice prize to win. This time it goes international, because the prize is not language related. It’s a universal thing. Stay tuned. Entries can be sent in through the ‘Mail Coolz0r’ button in the sidebar. Make sure the subject line has ‘contest entry’ in it ;)

Dragon, Naturally Speaking 1

Thanks to Nuance for the package. I’m sure it’ll be very well enjoyed!

Dragon, Naturally Speaking 2

Mattias sent in the ‘Senses’ campaign. Click here to see it.


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12 Mar 2007

The past weekend was one of family time and party, and I have to say it was one of the best weekends ever. It had ‘quality time’ written all over the days and the evenings were filled with laughter and booze. Comes to show you that family and friends are the best things a man can have. I got a bunch of really cool presents and lots of wine, whisky and champagne, which makes me think that my friends love me more when I’m drunk.

I also discovered that it takes longer for me to recover than it used to take. I still feel tired from Friday. I’m getting old. :-) But it was sooo totally worth it. And to all the people that left me a comment with birthday wishes: thank you very very much. I really appreciate it!

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09 Mar 2007

I never thought I’d make it this far. Quite a number of friends didn’t. I thought about that, last night when I went to bed. I thought about turning from 27 to 28. It doesn’t seem a big step and externally I’m not making a big deal about it, but somewhere inside I’m glad I passed that 7.

I remember having conversations about it with my friends. Most of them are a few years older than me. That’s how I got the idea. They told me that if you make it passed 27, you’re going good. You’ve crossed the gap and you’ll be ok.

30 isn’t a big deal. It’s 27. And now that’s gone. Yey!


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16 Feb 2007

Yey – Back online ! =)

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Back In Belgium

11 Feb 2007

Heya :) I’ve been away for a little longer than a week to Seattle for a Microsoft event. Just got back yesterday and slept off my jetlag. If you want to read more about the trip, check out my other blog. Enough for the chatting, let’s start to blog again.

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Back On Track

17 Jan 2007

It’s been a busy last couple of days really. I’ve been working on some really excting projects at Microsoft, I gave a radio interview to Flemish radio station ‘Studio Brussel’ about Second Life and I gave some sort of keynote about economical activities, making money and brands in Second Life as well.

I realize I kind of neglected this blog a bit. I had to re-evaluate the time schedule for blogging because of all the extra stuff that came up, but I think I worked it out. I also started a blog about my Microsoft adventures. You can tune in to that at

Stay tuned for some ad-action in the very very near future. Thanks for visiting, and see you around.


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02 Jan 2007

Hi there, and welcome in 2007. I hope everyone had a great time and I hope you’re all charged up to begin this new year with the energy of a Duracell rabbit. I’m not going to wish you peace on Earth and a solution for global warming, but keep in mind it never hurts to silently desire to see that happen once. I’m also not into writing super long ‘I hope you’ll blah and blah’ lists, but I do want to say that I really hope you’ll get closer to the things you dream of, the people you love and the places you wanted to go.

Thank you very much for reading this blog and, really, may 2007 be twice as good as 2006 and half as good as 2008.

All the best,



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