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Absolut’s 82 Bottles

14 Jun 2006

It’s time for another puzzle game. After the 100 movies, it’s time for 82 bottles. In the image below, Absolut has hidden 82 vodka bottles. Can you find them all? Concept is that you have to be fast, select the bottles and tell your friends, so they can try to beat your time. Nice music on the site. It’s been on for about half an hour on the background and I’m still not tired of it. Test here:

Absolut 82 Bottles

Do it for real, against the clock on the Absolut site. | via A/D Goodness


100 Movie Titles

05 Jun 2006

To celebrate the 100th edition of their weekly newsletter, created the ‘Ultimate Film Dektop’ and stuffed the space with at least 100 cryptic film titles. If you love movies, you’ll like this a lot. I’ll set you of with a dozen of titles. See if you can find the rest. I added the 1280×1024 sized desktop to my Flickr space.

100 Movies

1 Bend it like Beckham
2 Dances with wolves
3 Broken Arrow
4 Bigfoot
5 Toy Story
6 Snake Eyes
7 The Rock
8 Crouching tiger, hidden dragon
9 Saw 2
10 Domino
11 The Ring
12 Swordfish

I’ll post the full list in 24 hours, unless somebody does that before me in the comments :)


3rd World Farmer Game

02 Jun 2006

3rd World Farmer is a new kind of game. An experiment in the genre of Serious Games, it aims at simulating the real-world mechanisms that cause and sustain poverty in 3rd World countries. In the game, the player gets to manage an African farm, and is soon confronted with the often difficult choices that poverty and conflict necessitate.

The first prototype of the game was developed as a students’ project at the IT-University in Copenhagen, Spring 2005. All initial participants were actively involved in shaping the original concept to a playable game.

3rd World Farmer

Play 3rd World Farmer


Scary Movie Advergame

09 May 2006

Here’s a shoot’m up game to promote Scary Movie 4, Bloodbath Horror Mania 4. Why there are two fours in it? Does that matter with something that’s a sequel on the sequel of a sequel? Probably not. I don’t think the gameplay is that great, the music is way better. The track is “I’m Your Boogie Man” by KC & The Sunshine Band. Incredibly funky. It’s the only thing that spices up a rather boring game. There are 3 levels, all based on previously released ‘horror’ movies.

What d’you have to do? It’s pretty simple: To score points you have to shoot and kill the Scary Movie 4 characters as they pop up all over the screen. To kill, you must decapitate of the character. You can also gain extra points if you aim for the limbs. A limb can be shot up to three times before it falls off. There’s also ’sweet spots’, which means that if you hit the limb on that spot, you’ll get the extra points immediately. Perhaps the most interesting thing to achieve is the uber death. Hitting the ‘grudge boy’ who appears randomly on the screen can trigger that.

Level 1 is the War Of The Worlds setting. It’s not a horror movie, but you can laser around as much as you want. You won’t feel better, but hey, it’s a timewaster after all. Level two seems to be ‘The House on Haunted Hill’, but I’m not sure of that. A bow and arrows is what you get to slaughter the villagers. Level three is ‘The Saw’ basement, where you throw around axes. I’m not impressed by the graphics or by the characters that appear. Maybe you’ll be.

Play the game | via Adverblog


Altoids Advergame

03 May 2006

A cool site for Altoid, the original peppermint that comes in many flavors. You’ll waste hours in this wonderland if you try to solve the mysteries in the Arcade (this one is really difficult), or sit back and let ‘The Show’ entertain you. (The Show is Cabaret, a bit like Moulin Rouge, but then funnier). There’s also the incredible bending Bend-O which sort of reminded me of the Monty Python viral of a few months ago, where you could save your funny walk and then have it being looped. But here it’s different. There’s a tutor you have to copy and I can tell you it’s really difficult to keep up. Anyways, have fun with it!

The Show

Visit Altoids Entertainment Extravaganza | Play games | via AdLand


Monster Invasion

02 May 2006

From the same guys (T-Viral) who came up with the X-Mas Brats viral greeting card comes this cute timewaster of the day to promote their own business: You have to defend the city of London against the invading Vikings, by means of randomly releasing the booby traps. The setup is quite the same as the one with the Brats, except this time it’s dark (they come at night) and the creatures run faster. Have fun with yet another T-Viral supergame.

Monster Invasion

Play this viral | Thanx, Ben


Ship Shake

02 May 2006

Here’s a cool promotional game for the movie Poseidon, which will be launched in theaters on the 12th of May. All you have to do is use your left and right arrows to make the ship shake. The helium voices are very funny, and you’ve got to pay attention to the details when you’ve ’succeeded’. Look for the mini shark :)

Ship Shake

What’s remarkable in this viral is that an ‘add to’ link has been included in the Flash animation, next to the standard ’send to friend’ feature. I’ve never seen that before.

Shake a Ship | Visit the movie site | Thanks, Wim


American Dad VS Family Guy

25 Apr 2006

The ultimate battle in the category ‘my favorite toonz’. To promote the launch of the first American Dad DVD and the third Family Guy DVD, this (branded) advergame has been released upon the masses. American Dad has been voted to my favorite cartoon ever since the launch on the BBC somewhere last year. (I was the only voter so it wasn’t that difficult) – I’m addicted :) – In this timewaster, every cartoon personality has its own combo controls, which you can trigger while fighting. The best fight ever in this game is to team up Stewie against Klaus, the evil goldfish. I do miss Steve and Francine in the American Dad camp, and Meg and Brian in the Family Guy camp. What happened? Shortage on the budget? Maybe you can unlock them somewhere later in the game, I don’t know.


Play this game | via AdFreak

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