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Le Défi – Awesome

19 Oct 2006

Very Impressive stuff for Stella Artois in Canada. I really feel bad about the fact this sort of cool things are never actually done in the land where the beer is brewed. But let’s not get into the pity-lane. This stunt is absolutely incredible. It’s a giant trap, a sort of ancient machine with a lot of elements that are all connected to each other. ‘Unravel The Trap’ is written on the socle of the installation, and that’s exactly what the digital 3D version of this trap invites you to do as well. “Le Défi” is French for “The Challenge”, and that’s the least you can say about this. Stella Artois positions itself as a luxury beer beyond the borders of this country. A highly sophisticated form of alcoholic pleasure with ancient traditions. This sort of ‘traps’ were used a lot in the old days. It has something mysterious, something enigmatic. The design was influenced by the work of sculptors Jean Tinguely and Masato Tahana, as well as 1700’s clock engineer Thomas Wright.
Here are some pictures of the ambient experience outdoor:

The installation is 5 meters high & weighs more than 2 tons, the concept kicked off at at the corner of Bloor & Avenue in Toronto, and it will “tour” other major international cities. In the middle of The Trap sits a pint of Stella…

Stella Artois, Unravel The Trap 1

Stella Artois, Unravel The Trap 2

Stella Artois, Unravel The Trap 3

Stella Artois, Unravel The Trap 4

Stella Artois, Unravel The Trap 5

So far for the outdoor execution. Now let’s take a look at the 3D rendered version of this ‘challenge’:

This game is a game of honour. You can challenge a friend to unravel the mystery. If he fails, tradition says he’ll have to buy you a Stella. If he succeeds, the round is on you. The game consists of many challenges, all of them require quick thinking. Time is running. Can you withstand the pressure?

Play the game !

Concept development: Christina Yu, Patrick Shing and Ryan Spelliscy, Lowe Roche Toronto, Canada
Global team at the Stella Artois headquarters in Leuven, Belgium and in Canada
Designed by Lowe Roche and Jack Morton and engineered in conjunction with HBSource in London, UK
Interactive: Lowe Tesch, Sweden

Via: SeaSpace | Glossy


Chiquita Advergame

16 Oct 2006

Wanna play? With this advergame (Dutch/French/German) you can manage your own plantation. In the light of the received certification with the little green frog that represents the rainforest alliance, Chiquita invites you to try and manage a plantation the way they do, with respect for their workers, the environment and the product. The most agile farmers can win a 9-day trip to a Chiquita plantation in Costa Rica. In the game, your own plantation features a banana field, ‘the forest’, a village (for the workers) and a wrapping station. You can easily switch locations, depending on what you have to do. You have to make sure you grow enough bananas, because they sort of represent your score. You can also lose bananas if you don’t pay enough attention to the rules. The tell-a-friend function is played out in a fruity way, because if you invite three friends you’ll get a bonus, which is good for a boost of your total score. Pay attention to the ‘respect meter’, because if you don’t treat you workers or the environment good enough… ‘game over’ will be the next thing you’ll be seeing on your screen. Make sure you harvest your bananas in time, so they return the most points and can be shipped at once. Harvesting too early or too late causes a loss of points. If you work your way through the basic level, you’ll get the one and only ‘foldable frog buddy’, origami style.

Overall rating: the graphics are very good, the flash transitions are amazingly smooth, the look and feel of the game is perfect. This is without any doubt a future prize winner.

Chiquita advergame

Try the game and win a trip to Costa Rica

Agency: These Days (Antwerp, Belgium)
Client: Chiquita
Creative Director: Samuel De Volder
Art Director: Bob Vermeersch
Copy: Samuel De Volder
Strategist: Peter Van Wijnaerde
Lead Designer: Valentijn Destoop
Lead Programmer: Nicolas Lierman
Account Manager: Nathalie Lemmer

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Adverteasing Game

14 Oct 2006

Next time you want to surprize someone you know who works in adverland, get him/her this game. Fun for hours and way better than Pictionary. Perhaps a good idea for on a teambuilding weekend with the agency crew? The game isn’t on the store shelves, you can only buy it online. Yours for $11.99, at Target online.

• Test your knowledge of 5 decades of commercial jingles and ad slogans
• The more ads you remember, the better your score
• Over 700 trivia questions
• For 2 or more players
• Ages 12 years and up

Adverteasing Game

Seen on The Ranch


Maconomy Viral Game

24 Sep 2006

Here’s a game which one of bosses is going to be very fond of :) He always has to urge people to fill in the time sheets, because the brilliant minds in our company are constantly working at full force and well… brilliant minds and time sheets, we all know how well that goes together. It’s a known fact, in every company. I’m surprized there isn’t a contract update yet that announces ‘torture’ as a legitimate means of pressure to remind people to fill in those [censored] timesheets. Well anyway, the guys over at t-viral came up with a very funny game for Maconomy, which offers business solutions and services for professional service companies and marketing communications organizations. The game illustrates the essence of this issue:

“Catch Time – on Time” is an addictive little game where you have to make sure that your people remember to fill in their time sheets on time or you won’t reach your break-even target and that means you’re going out of business. You can choose to play it in either advertising agency or consultancy mode.

And believe you me, the advertising agency mode is very funny! Now you can see what it’s like to be ad agency CEO. Feel his pain! See how far you can take it, I stranded at level 4. Good luck.

Random quotes of the workers:

“Did Picasso ever register time?”
“Can’t the secretary do it next time?”
“I’m off to the award ceremony!”
“Let’s go to the hottest place in town!”

and the all time favorite:
“Stop micro-managing me!”

T-Viral's Catch Time on Time

Check out this viral game | Thanks, Nicolai

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Mushroom Life Simulator

24 Sep 2006

This is a very cool piece of Code-Art to check out: there’s a 20 by 20 squared field set up. You have to make contours (figures) in the squares by clicking on them. Doing so, you ’seed’ mushrooms. Make sure you seed plenty so it looks like the first screenshot I took. Then press the ‘generation’ button to start. You’ll see the formula start to work and ‘calculate’ generations, showing the results instantly (as illustrated in the second image below)

Mushroom Seeding Field

Resulting process in action:

Mushroom Process Results

When it’s all finished, or if you can’t wait that long: earlier, you can start clicking randomly in the field (click fast in circular movements) to activate new generations of mushrooms.

Mushrooms follow these rules:
For each generation,
a mushroom with 1 or 0 neighbor dies (loneliness),
a mushroom with 4 or more neighbors dies (overcrowding),
a mushroom with 2 or 3 neighbors survives (stability),
an empty space with 3 neighbors sprouts a new mushroom (birth).

Check out:
Art Project: Mushroom Life
by Kaiyijo
A Mushroom perspective on John Conway’s Game of Life

Also check out Kaiyijo’s site, by the way. It’s a Flash beauty!


M&M’s Viral Game

21 Sep 2006

Unlike Virgin Digital’s Viral Music Quiz or Absolut’s 82 Bottles game, this game from M&M’s is a hard nut to crack. “Dark Chocolate” invites you to locate 50 hidden horror movies by following the visual clues. Each movie title is represented by a visual riddle in the painting and you can use your mouse to ‘get around’ within the painting itself. Using the ‘X’ and ‘Z’ key you can zoom in or out on the details (or by clicking the ‘+’ and ‘-’). If you think you’re on to something, click the clue and type your answer in the box. If it’s correct, the box will turn green. If it turns red it means you’re way off or that you’ve misspelled the title. Enjoy!

M&M's Horror Riddles

Check out the game | Thanks, Philipp


Axe Shower Game

19 Jun 2006

I missed this one, but it still is quite funny. You have one minute to clean your bathroom and wipe out all the traces of your last escapade. Every level, an attractive lady is going to ring your doorbell, once you’ve buzzed her in, the time starts running. Use your mouse to navigate around the room and click on all the items you don’t want the babe to see. Have fun!

Axe Shower Game

Play the shower gel game


Sundown’s Human Piano

15 Jun 2006

In order to communicate Sundown’s sunscreen lotion, a human piano was created by DDB Brasil. The human piano is made of people who didn’t use Sundown. Visitors are invited to use their burned skin to create a tune or listen to submitted songs on the jukebox. Very original and amusing!

Sundown Piano

Visit | via AdsOfTheWorld