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The Last Day At Work

30 Oct 2007

So, you’ve decided you hate your job and want to explore new roads. Somewhere out there is that perfect job, the one you’ve dreamt of for all these years. Maybe you already have a new job in sight. Just one tiny detail left: making sure they let you go fast. You need to get out of that old company without further ado. So. Here’s one way to do it: proceed to your average normal lunchroom/company restaurant. Sit down with your colleagues, and make it a lunch to remember. :-)

Thanks, Dave


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8 Unfortunate Logos

27 Oct 2007

Arnaud sent me some logos of companies from around the world. Big deal, you’d say. I think these ones are ’special’. Either the designer was really pissed off and wanted to screw over the customer, or the sales rep is a very very good storyteller and convinced the client they would really work. I’m still undecided but I don’t think that any sane person would ever agree upon having his/her business being represented by an unfortunate logo as the ones below. What do you think?

Funny Logos 1

1. Institute for Oriental languages

Funny Logos 2

2. Kids furniture and clothing store

Funny Logos 3

3. Italian fashion brand

Funny Logos 4

4. A pediatric center

Funny Logos 5

5. Dental clinic

Funny Logos 6

6. Drugstore specialized in back injuries

Funny Logos 7

7. Hot-Dog Boutique

Funny Logos 8

8. PC repair store

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How To Deal With Telemarketers

19 Oct 2007


How To Deal With Telemarketers

19 Oct 2007

Excuse me Mr., sorry to be taking some of your time but I really have some important questions/unique proposals [select appropriate] for you… How many times have you heard a phone conversation start like this, making you wish you never answered the phone in the first place??? Too many times. Now we need to unite and fight back. Today I’ll post two tips for you to try at home. Good luck, and please hold.

Part 1: Flirting

How To Deal With Telemarketers 1

Produced by Peter John Ross from Sonnyboo


The Cialis Pitch

08 Jun 2007

Of all the spam email and spam comments I’ve received so far, I have to say Cialis is one of the most frequent products I can get for a serious discount and with 100% certain results. Obviously, the spam is going straight to the recycle bin, and I’m apparently not the only one who recycles these announcements. National Banana, for example, a creative studio and new online comedy network, came up with the one thing this product has never had. An online commercial that applauds the benefits of this wonder drug. Starring Cuba Gooding Jr., a must see.

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Scratch Yourself

14 May 2007

Pretty cool stuff coming up: here’s a fun way to spread your love to your friends and relatives. Instead of sending them those boring images of the lastest family gig in attachment, why not make it interactive and add a chance to win some money at the same time? ScratchYourself is a Flash application that lets users upload an image and build a lottery-style scratch card from it. Once a scratch card has been created, users can email it to friends or embed it on their site. Users could create and embed these on their blogs, MySpace page, etc. The only downside is that the card has a 550 px width and it’s just a little bit too wide to fit in the template.

Product Details:

  • Scratch card creators can email their scratch card link to other people or use a code snippet provided to embed the scratch card on their Web site.
  • Scratchers move their mouse over the scratch area to reveal the message underneath.
  • Every day, Scratchyourself chooses two winning times. The first person to scratch after each winning time wins an Instant Prize of US$10, and the scratch card creator wins a Bonus Instant Prize of US$10. Scratchers may reveal a message entering them into a Daily Draw for US$50. Users can scratch multiple times to win an Instant Prize but can only enter the Daily Draw once per scratch card per day.
  • Winners can choose to be paid via PayPal, check or Amazon gift certificate.
  • The current Scratchyourself promotion runs until June 7, 2007. Scratchyourself intends to run a second promotion from June 8, 2007, with bigger prizes.

Example (unscaled version – click here) :

The setup is very easy. First you provide the name of the ticket (the blueprint stamp you see before you scratch) – Next you upload an image (300k limit) and write the caption (text in the bottom left corner), then you pick a color panel and then you login or register for free, to send it off. (took me 20 seconds). Simple, cool and very nifty.

Get your own at: Scratch Yourself


A House Or Champagne 2

21 Apr 2007

UPDATE 21st of April, 10.59 am: Hilarious !!!

While Jan is working for BBDO and Johan from LG&F made the spoof (and Michael from Duval Guillaume E sent it to me), now the guys over at TheseDays came up with their spoof, and they turned the spot into a commercial for / Any other agencies want to give it a go?

There’s a lucky guy named Jan. He works at an ad agency and has a beautiful wife and family. They live in a wonderful house and they’ve been having the time of their lives there. But.. the time has come to move on and now they’re selling the house… on YouTube. However, Jan’s ‘neighbors’ have noticed the clip on YouTube and decided to post their response… and now the bet is: if the response has more views than the original, Jan will buy bubbly wine for ‘the neighbors’. Other than that, it’s pretty cool to use YouTube to sell your house, but instead of showing just the house and the rooms and all that you add a story to it, you make the material thing come alive. And that’s so awesome.

Jan's House

See the original clip here, but please make sure you see the spoof twice, so Jan has to share the booze ;-)


King Of The World

20 Apr 2007

You have to admit that Russian people have a great sense of humor. If there’s one thing that made me laugh today, hehe, then it’s this remake of the Titanic. An absolutely funny party gadget that will make the kids happy. King of the woooooooorld :-) Boy oh boy, I think I’d even try this myself too :-)


Thanks, Arnoud