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J&B Urban Art

08 Dec 2006

Urban Art Exhibition is sponsored by J&B. 10 selected artists are creating / have created specific artworks that will be exposed on giant billboards across the streets of Barcelona. I think this a great idea to promote local artists on the one hand, and dress up the city scenery on the other. It gives your brand a very unique touch and makes it stand out. And J&B’s Nightology concept is the perfect match for a campaign like this one. Very trendy, distinguished, modern and progressive. Artwork by: Aya Kato, Boris Hoppek, Bruno 9li, Catalina Estrada, Dalek, Eltono & Nuria, Fupete, Neasden Control Centre, Sixeart, Ovni & Kenor.

J&B Art Billboards

Previews of the Urban Art at Rojo Magazine

Thanks, Frank


PlayStation Season: Volume

29 Nov 2006

The PlayStation Season is a partnership between PlayStation and 5 international public arts institutions renowned for an innovative approach to arts programming – BALTIC, the V&A, ENO, Sadler’s Wells and the BFI. One of the projects that’s on exhibition from November 24th to January 27th is the Volume project. In the V&A museum in London a display of an interactive installation has been set up in the John Madejski Garden. ‘Volume’ is a sculpture of light and sound, an array of light columns positioned in the center of the garden. The installation responds to human movement, creating a series of audio-visual experiences. ‘Volume’ is a collaboration between lighting designers United Visual Artists (UVA), Robert Del Naja (aka 3D) of Massive Attack, and his long-term co-writer Neil Davidge.


V&A Museum
PlayStation Season

Thanks, Frank | via ComputerLove


Zune Me!

06 Nov 2006

Ah! It looks like the marketing manager has started whipping around and finally kicked off the Zune campaign for real. Sure, there’s been ads and banners around on the net, but now it’s been taken to the next level. At last, fellow waiters, the long wait is almost over. Zune is T minus 8 days and counting ! Go check out the Zune-Arts site, there’s some really cool clips you just got to see.

Zune Clip 1

Zune Clip 2

Over at the main Zune site, there’s 6 commercials posted at this time, all weird and funky, the Zune way. I’ve been looking at the auction for the customized Zunes too, but I think I’ll just wait for a regular one and customize it myself, even though the Stüssy Zune looks tempting and pretty neat.

Customized Zune

I know there was a reason why my inner self told me not to go for ye olde iPod. And I think this is the reason. :) Looking at the specs, the shape, the design… boy-oh boy. Pleasure overload. I can’t wait to buy one of these.

Zune Specs

Things that make me horny:


  • Size: 3.0 inches
  • Orientation: Vertical and Horizontal
  • Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels


  • Connectivity: 802.11 b/g
  • Range: Up to 30 feet


  • Music: up to 14 hours (wireless off)
  • up to 13 hours (wireless on)
  • Pictures: up to 4 hours
  • Video: up to 4 hours

Yes, and Zune you too!


Touch Me Tender Interface

21 Oct 2006

A little while ago I received an e-mail from Stan Kravetz, the COO of KsanLab. Over at KsanLab, they’ve been developing a tactile interface that looks really slick. The ‘Touch Me Tender’ interface is a product which is designed in order to use “natural” human interaction to avoid intermediates such as menus, mouse and so on. It makes interaction more convenient and eliminates the need for any special IT education. So it opens a door for new customer experience for a broader range of users. Interesting perspective. Not ground-breaking (I’ve seen such concepts before), but I’ve never seen the ‘paint’ application as extended as it is pictured in the clip below.

Over at KsanLab, they see following applications of Touch Me Tender at the moment:

  1. Development of interactive P.O.S. terminals those can be integrated with web projects, services and campaigns.
  2. Entertainment at shopping malls, restaurants, airports, museums, etc.
  3. An experiential marketing tool: a customer interacts with the product in a tactile way (selection and virtual test of make-up, clothes, furniture).

What I’m fond of is that instead of focusing on the ‘gaming market’, they’ve shifted the focus to the ‘marketing market’, and by doing so they’ve drilled a far bigger audience. [Plus it got them on this blog :)]

More info? check out

Other slick interfaces on Marketing Thoughts:


BenQ/Siemens Black Box

01 Oct 2006

Okay, it doesn’t have the same nifty flaps as the phone in the iTalk clip I posted earlier, but you’ve got to admit: this cell is a beauty made in designer heaven. I’d love to own one of these… too bad concept phones are rarely put into production. This phone has no keypads, no buttons, just a big smooth touch screen. Seeing the picture it looks like the has no fixed interface. It changes as you select the options. If it has video playback functions, this phone is a killer!

BenQ-Siemens Black Box 1

BenQ-Siemens Black Box 2

via Gizmodo


Shoot My Blog

29 Sep 2006

It might seem as something euthanasic, but it has nothing to do with this blog. Shoot My Blog is an arty viral concept by Renaud Deha (Reno) and it’s purely non-profit. The idea is that people take an original photo of the shootmyblog blog with their digital camera or mobile phone. Then they send it to In the picture (somewhere, big or small) there has to be an imprint of the shootmyblog homepage. Participants are encouraged to be very creative and the reward is that the original picture gets published on the totally bizarre photoblog. The only thing I’m sad about is that the links to the photographer’s site is in fact plain text and not a link. Not only do I have to copy-paste the text in the address bar to check out that site, there’s also no linklove coming from the photoblog to the contributers. My opinion is: if you tap the consumer market, you also have to give something back. The words aren’t enough. A real link adds linkjuice to the contributors of the blog. A Flickr set makes it even more viral. It’s a good concept, but it still need some adjustments. I’ll send in a picture of my blog featuring his blog in a blogpost to contribute to the project. There’s already some cool art works on the index because the project first saw screenlight on July 29th.

Shoot My Blog

Visit ShootMyBlog | Thanks, Reno.

A little friendly warning though, Reno… if you’re planning to go viral, you better not encourage people to click your AdSense ads, especially not on a domain. It’s against the ToS agreement you have to follow. People got banned for less. I’d remove the request from your sidebar if I were you.

Update [09-29-06, 11 AM]: Reno says the links are ON the pictures themselves, I must’ve tried some images of authors who didn’t have a website to link to. My bad!



28 Sep 2006

Here’s a clip of which I first thought that it was a commercial for Stella Artois. Obviously, once I saw the clip was over 2 minutes long, I had to rethink this idea. I thought it was a beer commercial, because the only brand in the clip is a can of Stella Artois, a Belgian beer. But now I kind of doubt it, because there’s no mention of the brand at the end of the clip either. Now I just think it’s a weird, funny clip. Very good editing job, nice filming… I like the style and I really like the song. Check this out:

Written & Directed by Mark Jackson
Camera & Lighting: Mark Jackson
Editing: Mark Jackson
SFX Make-up: Nathalie Page
2nd Camera Operator: Alan Colegrave
Production Assistant: Yvonne Jackson

Soundtrack: Who’s Inside My Baby
Written by Mark Jackson

Credits: Jackson Film Ltd, 2006

Thanks for sending this in, Arns


Graph Your Site

24 Sep 2006

I’m probably nearly the last one in the world to see this, but since I’m adding the image to the Flickr group, I thought I might as well blog it too so it’s ‘out there’. Sala programmed an HTML Graph Applet that renders your site into a graphical structure. Sala is an artist who’s active on many platforms. His alter ego art-project,, has also travelled the globe very fast. From the 1000 paintings he had on sale, as many as 583 are already sold. Amazing.

Marketing Thoughts Graph

See my graph being made | Create yours
On Flickr, 2023 photos have already been tagged with the websitesasgraphs keyword. Feel free to add yours.