Bagvertising (2)

02 Feb 2009

A while ago I wrote about the beer bags and now I found another nice example of Bagvertising.

Magic-i’s floating bags:

With the Beer bags I had some serious doubts about the way they would look in real life. I was sure that the optical illusion looked better in the pictures than the real bags would look. With these floating bags I don’t have any doubts about the way it looks in the streets. As far as I’m concerned this is a great campain. The only point of critisism I can think of is that these bags might not be friendly for the hands when there is a lot of weight in them.

Agency: Grey, Kuala Lumpur.


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  1. Abbey Mc

    April 13, 2009 at 12:42 am

    I think Bagvertising is a great way to advertise. I remember in high school I would go to Abercrombie and buy something just so I could be one of those people walking through the mall with an Amercrombie bag sporting a half naked male model. The floating bag is a genius idea for a store with the word Magic in it. It makes sense and catches the eye, and you can bet that it will prob stay in someones memory for a while and may start a conversation here and there.

  2. AdSimple

    May 17, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    Bagvertising is a very cool way of getting some cheap exposure outside the shop. For posh shops, even more.
    This one must be cool but also sooo unconfortable. Could be better.