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06 Jan 2008

As mentioned in the previous post, I’m about to dig myself a way through a pile of structurally ordered letters that make marketing sense when read in the right direction. I’ll be combining the joyful read of AnnaMaria Turano & John Rosen’s Stopwatch Marketing with Jospeh Jaffe’s Join The Conversation. Jospeh’s book is all about conversation, because there lies the true power of brand marketing. Other than offering a decent product in a perfect fashion, the talking about it and the reviews that satisfied customers have afterwards with their friends and relatives build up a brand image that is more stronger and powerful than any PR activity could achieve on its own. Third party recommendations are stronger and more dedicated and stand tall. Combine that with a decent strategy and well adjusted ideas from a book as Stopwatch Marketing and I’m pretty sure your brand/product/idea will be a hit with the right dose of both approaches.

Joseph’s book is a fistful of well aimed thoughts about how brands and marketing can profit from the power of conversation. If you look at the line-up of the chapters, you’ll get the drift.

  1. Talking “at” versus talking “with”
  2. The many-to-many model
  3. Can marketing be a conversation?
  4. The birth of Generation I
  5. The rise of the prosumer
  6. The new consumerism
  7. The six Cs: Three phases of conversation
  8. The consent-conversation relationship
  9. What conversations are in your future?
  10. Why are you so afraid of conversation?
  11. The 10 tenets of good conversation
  12. The 5 ways you can join the conversation
  13. When conversation isn’t a conversation at all
  14. Where does conversation fit in?
  15. Conversation through community
  16. Conversation through dialog
  17. Conversation through partnership
  18. Getting started: The manifesto for experimentation
  19. Does conversation work?
  20. Do you speak conversation? Take the test

Again, just as I wrote a few hours ago: I look forward to reading this and write down my thoughts. Check back soon for a decent review.


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  1. John Rosen

    January 6, 2008 at 5:05 am

    Thanks so much for getting on this so quickly. When do you sleep? Aren’t you in Europe?

    Anyway, I have a copy of Joseph Jaffe’s book myself and am planning to read it on my next plane trip, currently scheduled for Atlanta next week. His stuff is usually very good, so I’m looking forward to it, as you are.

    I’ll be interested, as you point out, in your thoughts on our take on Microsoft, since you have so much inside information! Maybe AnnaMaria and I can even interview you as a “software industry expert” for our next book!


  2. Thomas

    January 6, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    It’s a nice book, i’ve bought it in december, and I’m half away. It’s well written by a guy that is empowered by his own words.

    Congratulations, you’ve “Joined THIS conversation”