Fido Billboards

11 Dec 2007

Fido, a Canadian wireless provider, created the billboards in conjunction with Bos, Toronto to celebrate the holiday season and promote wireless video calling. They feature a man and a woman each projected onto separate buildings. Initially both are static and then suddenly the young couple begins to interact with one another as video is projected onto the buildings throughout Toronto’s downtown core from December 6th to December 29th. They are being projected by BC-based Media Merchants using high-power light projectors.

These is a nice way to grab the attention of passers-by, since it will trigger curiosity and invites people to either watch what happens. It’s also a good conversation starter because it’s definitely something that you don’t see every day. Love to see some of these around in my country. Such a nice change to see instead of those dull ones that are all over town.

Fido 1

Fido 2

There’s also a movie to illustrate what the concept exactly holds:

Video: Fido Toronto
Agency: Bos Toronto
Creative Directors: Roger Gariepy, Chad Borlase, Gary Watson
Art Director: Ibraheem Youssef
Copywriter: Mwewa Frederick Nduna
Client Service: François Mailloux, Erin Gooderham
Production: Todd McLellan, Sugino Studios
Post Production: The Studio Upstairs
Projections: The Media Merchants
Video Production: Stone Canoe
Seeding: Glossy Inc

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