Shower With Girlfriend

17 Oct 2007

Hah! If there is one thing I used to do a lot in high school, then it was coloring text with Stabilo markers and looking for hidden messages or silly word combinations [you know how boys can be sometimes]. That is exactly the idea behind these images for Stabilo’s campaign and I totally dig it. Good old times and fun with colors… I love this. You’ve got to click on the images to enlarge them and look at the text. The simplicity is really in the details, and it comes to show that these markers actually do have a proper function (but we already knew that). This idea is so simple, so powerful and so funny. It’s great!

Copy: “Highlight Only The Good Bits”

Agency: Grey, Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Keith Ho
Creative Directors: Paul Chan & Sonic Choy
Art Director: Sonic Choy
Copywriter: Paul Chan
Photographer: Jeffrey Leung
Retoucher: Simon Kwan
Thanks Wouter for the pointer


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  1. jen_chan, writer

    October 17, 2007 at 3:51 pm

    Sadly, I never had much fun with Stabilo in high school. I was much too focused on highlighting the words in a straight and neat manner. Shows how much fun a person misses when he or she is too serious. The second image really cracked me up. The people behind this certainly have a sense of humor. I’ve never seen this ad before? Is it on poster or on the web? Because I had to enlarge it to see the whole thing properly.

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