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17 Jul 2007

Everyone makes phone calls and sends text messages every day. Imagine the profit a mobile operator makes would be exclusively used to sponsor ecological or social projects… wouldn’t that be a very cool USP?
Ello Mobile, a new mobile operator thinks so and has launched a campaign in which they announce that every cent of profit will be donated. It’s a Belgian project, but I think it could work in other countries as well. Flemish actress An Miller and actor Filip Peeters, both very well known in the Belgian TV and theater scene, have been asked to do a very simple teaser-campaign, they’re the brand ambassadors. There are some clips on YouTube directed by Jan Eelen to spread the word. Eelen has had a hand in practically every qualitative humoristic TV series Flanders has known for the last decade.

I really like the idea, and helping out for a good cause while you don’t have to change anything in your mobile behavior… that can only be good, I think.

The clips are in Dutch, but basically all the actors say is ‘call me’.

Bel Me 1

Bel Me 2

As a really cool surplus, check out this clip that wasn’t supposed to be released.


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  1. Andhi

    July 17, 2007 at 4:24 pm

    And they probably got a good deal hiring both Filip Peeters & Ann Miller, since they’re husband and wife. Family discount ;-)

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