11 Jul 2007

Summertime is here, and as usual that means a flood of al-ki-hol related campaigns because sun, sea and beaches equal the perfect drinking atmosphere. The hot weather is also causing severe shirt and short shortness and mini skirts are filling the streets, which sometimes leads to not so attractive sights – but hey, you can’t have it all. What better time to party til dawn? Here’s a Belgian campaign for Cointreau, the famous liquor. They came up with a very hip cocktail that listens to the smooth name of Cointreaupolitan. This summer drink is made with 5 cl Cointreau, 3 cl of cranberry juice and 2 cl of lemon juice. To top it off a little twisted curl of orange peel is inserted in the cocktail right before you serve it. I tried it and it’s pretty good. Looks very pinkish too. Funky. To create a little awareness and make the brand stick more, a contest has been created where you can win a 10-day trip around the world with your (girl)friend. All you have to do is prove you’re a real cointreaupolitan and answer 4 questions about the cities you could be visiting if you win. The contest runs only in Dutch and French, but I very much like the idea that you create a character of your brand user and dip it in a clubby atmosphere. The site looks pretty loungy and creates exactly the atmosphere you’d expect from a drink like this one. As an extra, 25.000 free cocktails are shaken and stirred in a number of popular Belgian venues, which can be located on the site.


Pictures of the events can be found on Flickr and a little ‘making of the photoshoot’ has been put online as well.

Agency: DuvalGuillaume
Thanks, Tim

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  1. blonde

    July 12, 2007 at 3:18 pm

    For a drink that appeals more to women than men, it’s a pretty male-oriented campaign when you see the downloadable desktop images.

    I am personally a Cointreau fan, always have a bottle on the kitchen bench at home. It usually doesn’t last long.
    But you have to wonder, with these “answer a question, win a trip” campaigns, if you’re really attracting people who actually give a damn about your brand, or just people who want to go on a free trip.
    There are cheaper ways to acquire email addresses…