BumpTop 3D Desktop

06 Mar 2007

This has been around for about a year or so, but I never got to blog about it. Then today I accidentally stumbled upon a video from the project and I just wanted to add this to my archive, for keepers. I have a thing for virtual toys and projects. This particular one is from Anand Agarawala & Ravin Balakrishnan for the DGP (Dynamic Graphics Project) at the university of Toronto, Canada. The University of Toronto’s Dynamic Graphics Project (dgp) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory within the Department of Computer Science. The lab’s mission is advanced research and graduate instruction in human-computer interaction and computer graphics. DGP is home base to Computer Science faculty and students in these two areas.


I don’t think I can live with this sort of desktop, because I’m too attached to seeing a file name under an icon and to ‘folders’ where I can stash stuff in to. This BumpTop desktop, however, is quite a refreshing idea and I love where this is going. It would be great to have it as an optional feature in my current OS, but not really as a permanent environment to work in. That’s my two cents. Looks super smooth though.

BumpTop site | DGP site

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