Sweet Scorpion Poison

27 Feb 2007

To promote the book “O Doce Veneno do Escorpião” (The Sweet Scorpion Poison) written by Bruna Surfistinha, a brazilian ex-prostitute, where she tells her experience in the prostitution world, edited by Editorial Presença, the agency Torke Stunt created this campaign which was structured in 3 actions:

  • Polaroids- Polaroids picturing Bruna Surfistinha’s sexy image were placed in different spaces, from ATM machines, phone booths, benches, parks, public transports, etc… On the polaroids was written:” Want toknow more about me? go to xxx”
  • Napkins- napkins simulating a lipstick mark were placed in shopping centres, public toilets, pubs and sex-shops. On the napkin was a book’s excerpt: ” I have seen and done everything. There’s no fantasy that can scare me.
  • Fire extinguisher – Next to fire extinguishers in public places and bookshops, stickers were placed with the text “Extinguish the fire after reading The Sweet Scorpion Poison.
    Agency Torke Stunt

It’s not a world shocking campaign, agreed, but the old saying: ’sex sells’ is very on its place here. I bet the pictures were gone in no time, and maybe those napkins as well. I like the part of the fire extinguishers though. Very tongue-in-cheek.

Bruna 1

Bruna 2

Bruna 3

Bruna 4

Bruna 5

Big pictures for more details: here, here and here.

Agency: Torke Stunt
Thanks, Hugo

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