Live Blogging At The IAB

22 Feb 2007

After a short while of inner combat, I decided to go to the IAB meeting at the buildings of DePersgroep, one of Belgium’s leading media holdings. I tailed my fellow-EMEA-colleague Kris Hoet from our office in Diegem to here, and right now I’m waiting for the show to start.

From what I’ve heard, there’s going to be 6 presentations of each 10 minutes, all about blogging. What better way to cover that than to live-blog the entire thing?

There’s a Flickr account where everyone can upload pictures and a dedicated blog where we can cross-post our thoughts. Pretty good organized, this event.

It’s been a happy rendez-vous with a bunch of ex-colleagues from i-merge and I also saw Robin Wauters and Ine ‘Wow’ Dehandschutter and Herr Tom De Bruyne, the 2.0′d devil of the famous interactive agency. Also Maarten Schenk from SixApart and Jesse Wynants, who’re both going to give their best on stage.

Let’s see what the show brings. I’m looking forward to this.

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