22 Jan 2007

Ian Hart from the Miami Ad School sent in this ad he helped create for Tampax, a well known brand of tampons. The key message here is that Tampax absorbs a lot. I like the way they illustrated the effect of Tampax by using a color sample card that displays all kinds of red, as to where Tampax is, that color should normally be ‘bloody red’ or something. But now it isn’t, because the tampons absorbed the colory monthly liquid.


Title: Tampax Red
Student Work (Miami Ad School)
Miami Beach, U.S.A.
Creative Director: Diego Cantu (instructor)
Art Director: Croix Gagnon
Copywriter: Ian Hart


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  1. Bert Heymans

    February 6, 2007 at 11:53 am

    Can’t help feeling awkward looking at all those patches … successful ad!