Bumper Car Guerrilla

21 Nov 2006

To communicate the fact that the Gröna Lund amusement park near Stockholm city was opened for a sneak preview the weekend before the actual opening, bumper cars were placed in the city center of Stockholm, with a sticker on the back that carried the message. Some cars were placed so it looked like they crashed into something, others had skid marks behind them so it seemed they had to brake all of the sudden or slipped and one bumper car was being towed around by a tow truck (so it looked like it was parked in the wrong spot and got towed away). The copy on the stickers read: “Now test driving the amusement park. Sneak preview this weekend.” – A very cool idea, a beauty of an eye-catcher. Not new, but one to remember.

Bumper Car Guerrilla 1

Bumper Car Guerrilla 2

Bumper Car Guerrilla 3

Bumper Car Guerrilla 4

Bumper Car Guerrilla 5

Bumper Car Guerrilla 6

Bumper Car Guerrilla 7

Agency åkestam.holst
Via Adverbox


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  2. Laszlo

    November 27, 2006 at 12:04 pm

    The agency for campaign are åkestam.holst.

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