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For The Axe / Lynx Archive

24 Oct 2006

Here’s two more ads for the archive, which is getting pretty extended. In case you missed something, I think I’ve lined it up quite complete at the bottom of this post. I must say it’s becoming quite an interesting case. I’ve used many examples already in presentations for customers and this brands keeps coming with new interactive stuff that can serve as a starting point to develop a good online experience for other brands. I think Axe/Lynx and Absolut are by far the most popular brands amongst youngster when it comes to collectable print ads or online experiences. Okay, the brands have been well-established and they’ve been around for a while already, but you’ve got to admit that the amount of ads they produce at a steady pace is pretty impressive. And I’m still not getting bored of them.

Axe Effect

Lynx Shower Gel

First ad (above) found on Advertising For Peanuts

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Hairy Mail

24 Oct 2006

Welcome to Hairy Mail, the first web-based back-hair messaging system. While your first reaction is going to be ‘ewww’, your second reaction is probably even going to be a degree worse. This viral campaign is launched by ‘The Truth’ and is part of their global actions against smoking and its hidden truths. Be sure to check out the singing cowboy on the homepage of ‘The Truth’. Quite scary.

Hairy Mail

Sodium hydroxide is a caustic compound found in hair-removal products.
It’s also found in cigarettes.

Send some Hairy Mails | Thanks, Frank


Eastpak Horror (2)

24 Oct 2006

So, looks like Eastpak was really satisfied with the last horror campaign and they’ve apparently ordered a new one at the same agency. I really like this brand, I’ve seen it emerge and I’ve got my share of products of it. Eastpak is a cool brand, without any doubt, but I have some remarks about the way the product is positioned by using zombies and or the living dead. I guess it’s trendy and it should appeal, but to be honest… it doesn’t appeal to me. It was funny the first time I saw it, but I checked with a few people I know and none of them actually liked the images. Maybe we’re all too old? If it wasn’t because of Halloween, I’d say it’s time for a new concept.

Client: VF Europe/Eastpak
Agency: Satisfaction
Account Team: Olivia Israël, Samantha Hendlisz
Creative Director: John Israël
Creation: John Israël
Art Director: Anthony Collard
Art Buyer: Anthonny Collard
Photographer: John Israël
Retouching: The Living Room
Media: Magazines, POS

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Crayon in Second Life

23 Oct 2006

About a week ago, Joseph Jaffe announced on Across the Sound that he was starting a new company – a company focusing exclusively on new marketing: new marketing for a new consumer. This Thursday (in Second Life), they will officially launch “crayon – a new marketing company.”

Crayon is the realization of almost 5 years of evangelism, passion and thought leadership designed around the central premise that the world has changed; the consumer has changed; but marketing has not. Judging by the general consensus and response to Jaffe’s book, together with countless conversations with senior marketers, not to mention the level of discourse on marketing blogs, it became readily apparent that now was the time to scale and staff up to accommodate the acute lack of clarity and mass confusion regarding what to do next…

Enter crayon…

In short, crayon is a shape-shifter; a mash-up; a company that integrates the best of the consulting, agency, advisory, thought leadership and education worlds. crayon’s goal is to help our clients:

  • Amplify, extend and enhance relevance, experience and value through bold, alternative and non-traditional approaches
  • Join the conversation
  • Create disproportionate positive business impact

Think of it as the marketing services embodiment of “Life after the 30-second spot” and then some.

I’ll work myself up the guest list and maybe do some live-blogging from within Second Life, if possible. By the way if you want to find me in Second Life, look for Coolz0r Courier ;-)


Check out the CrayonVille website for more info (online on the 26th of October, at the launch day) and stay tuned to see what Jaffe, Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson and CC Chapman and the others are cooking up in Second Life.


Chaos Conference

23 Oct 2006

David Wen kindly asked me to tell you about the Chaos 2006 conference which will be held at the University of Texas at Austin. Because a lot of the readers of this blog are from the US of A, I agreed to post this because it looks really interesting. If I lived there myself, I’d sign up to attend right away…

So what is it all about? “It’s all about the story. It always was.”

Chaos 2006

Chaos 2006, Future of Advertising Conference is – as the name might indicate – all about marketing.

The lessons of the past ­ and even current best practices ­ may not contain the answers agencies, advertisers and educators need to address the challenges of today.

Technology and cultural shifts have produced new communities, new media and delivery. The fundamental concepts of creative dominance and media planning has been redefined with advent of consumer content and targeted delivery. Clearly, what once was radical is now commonplace.

Chaos will present a series of speakers – some of whom have established the practice of advertising and others who are now initiating the thoughts and methods that are changing it.

Key speakers of the event:

Chaos 2006 Key Speakers

What more do you need to know? Sign up today and save your future.


Important Export

23 Oct 2006

I received an e-mail from the interim agency I used to work for a few years ago, before I went back to school to get a degree. I didn’t quite expect it because it’s been a while since I heard from them, but apparently they’ve started an extended campaign to search for new dynamic people to fill in some job spots. At first sight it looked like a dull regular e-mail, but I clicked through and ended up on a damn funny website called On that site Peter Van Den Begin, one of my favorite Flemish actors was totally going wild in a character role that really fits him quite well: the deranged crook/lunatic business man. The site itself is in Flemish/French but I must say the French version doesn’t have half the charisma of the Flemish one.

Important Export NV

On the site you have to answer 5 simple questions, which are part of your job interview at the ‘important export’ company. The questions aren’t the main reason for this project though. The meaning of this site is infotaining. Unique Interim wants you to be aware of the fact that a lot of promises (like 200K a year) aren’t always what they seem to be, and that finding out too late about the general terms and conditions of a certain job might not always be the most pleasant experience of your career. Don’t know which agency did this, but The agency behind it is The Parking Lot and it’s quite good.


Wrangler Outdoor

23 Oct 2006

Pretty impressive billboards for Jeep’s Wrangler Unlimited. Although Jeep has already used the “vertical car mounted on a building” theme before (as did some other brands), this time the experience is quite different. I love the way the car broke through the maze of the fly-squasher and how cute it looks. The other two billboards illustrate Jeep’s famous off-road capacity. Nice artwork. It must’ve taken quite some time to create and execute this.

Agency: BBDO Detroit
Creative Directors: Rick Dennis, Mike Stocker, Robin Chrumka
Copywriter: Ty Hutchinson
Art Director: John O’Hea
Via: Adverbox


Shel Israel & Rick Segal

22 Oct 2006

I went to a Blog Dinner (capitals intended) yesterday. MSN once again upped the ante by choosing a fabulous location. We met at noon at the prestigeous Belga Queen Super-Deluxe Oyster Bar/Lounge/Restaurant in Brussels and besides the fact we got to meet Shel Israel and Rick Segal, we were served delicious food in good company. Good food and conversations, that sort of stuff goes straight to my heart.

I talked to Shel about the book he ghost-authored with Scoble (Naked Conversations) and about the benefits it has to offer to companies that still need to define a good and transparent blogging policy. Shel has some really great insights. I’m glad I had a chance to talk to him. I also met Simon McDermott from Attentio and we had a really interesting talk about the brand rumor tracking tools. Too bad I didn’t end up next to Rick because I think that would’ve been interesting as well… Time, as always, flew by way too fast.

I finally met Veerle Pieters, the godess of CSS and design and probably the best known blogger outside the Belgian borders. In all honesty, she rocks! Also there and in for some good conversation was Jean Philip De Tender who’s currently working as program manager and content coordinator at ‘één’, the Flemish TV and radio broadcasting company. After dinner I also talked to Geert Desager. Last time we met over e-mail he was still working for Tagora (an ad agency), but he’s now working for Microsoft on the trade department.

Some of the usual suspects were there as well, and we had some good talks. Networking kicks butt. I’m so glad I went. I’m so glad I was invited. There’s only one word left: Awesome. No wait: Cool.

Thanks Bea, Kris and Simon for putting this together. I had a great time!

More pictures on Flickr © Pietel
Also see my pics, on Flickr too :)

Update: More pictures from Veerle and Peter