BenQ/Siemens Black Box

01 Oct 2006

Okay, it doesn’t have the same nifty flaps as the phone in the iTalk clip I posted earlier, but you’ve got to admit: this cell is a beauty made in designer heaven. I’d love to own one of these… too bad concept phones are rarely put into production. This phone has no keypads, no buttons, just a big smooth touch screen. Seeing the picture it looks like the has no fixed interface. It changes as you select the options. If it has video playback functions, this phone is a killer!

BenQ-Siemens Black Box 1

BenQ-Siemens Black Box 2

via Gizmodo

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  1. tom de bruyne

    October 2, 2006 at 1:47 pm

    I iz want to lick it.