Jobs In Town

04 Sep 2006

This one has been around the block as well, at least in adverland it has. I haven’t posted it yet and the ads were stuck away somewhere in the archive. Now seems a good time to post them, since I’m still on my holiday on Djerba. This very cool series of outdoor ads was created by Scholz & Friends for Each of the ads feature someone with the horrible job of working behind the bank machine or vending machine and it illustrates the point that not everyboby has a good and pleasant job. can help you find that job you’re really after, you know: that particular job where you find yourself being happy with what you do, where you feel you’re making the difference.

Jobs in town 1

Jobs in town 2

Jobs in town 3

Copy: “Life’s too short for the wrong job –”

Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin

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  1. Coolz0r - Marketing Thoughts » Better Ways

    April 11, 2007 at 12:29 am

    [...] I’m not quite convinced that the concept of this banner/billboard/seal will actually prove to be successful, but indeed there must be other and better ways to make career than umm… yeah, how does one interpret this thing? I’m pretty sure everyone can interpret it in the right way. Daring campaign for, this is definitely not something you can try with any brand. I liked their other campaign better. [...]