Waiter, There’s a Hologram in My Soup

08 Aug 2006

Looking for a pretty eye-catching way to impress your customers? Then try viZoo’s approach to experiental marketing. Introducing : ‘Free Format’ (R), the hologram-on-demand-service. I’ve been checking out the portfolio and I must say I’m stunned. This is mighty impressive. It goes back to 2003 already when viZoo could offer to show Gandalf “live” in some shop windows. Something never seen before! Passers-by just had to stop – they couldn’t believe their eyes, as they stood in front of shop windows at IC Company (fashion) in Copenhagen or 3 Mobile Video Company in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Isn’t this what all advertisers are dreaming of?

    Quote viZoo : “We are an advertising film company, developing and producing new media with ‘edge’. “— And that, dear readers, is [an understatement] I think.

The nifty EMH, or Dr. Twain,
has nothing to do with viZoo.
It’s just my bench mark for a hologram.

Check out the viZoo profile throught the [PromoSamples] or visit [viZoo].

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  1. Alexis

    April 23, 2007 at 8:06 pm

    There is a Hologram or no???