Superman Ties Knot In Antwerp

17 Jul 2006

The “Superman Returns” saga has finally struck Antwerp. Apparently the light poles are becoming a true new channel in outdoor communication (if they weren’t hot already), because here’s what’s happening in the city right across the UGC cinema complex in the station’s district:

Superman Ties Knot

Update: Thanks to Andreea Nastase from LeoBurnett for filling in:
it’s done by 10 Advertising from Antwerp

Thanks Denis for completing the credits:

Client: UGC Antwerp
Agency: 10 advertising
Planner: Denis Ghys
Creative Team: Heidi Vandamme & Sébastien Van Reet
Account Team: Greet De Wilde, Lies Rahm
Graphic Designer: Louis Reith
Photographer: Koen Demuynck
Retouching: Pixco
Media: Dailies, flyers, placemats, guerilla, stunt


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  1. Andrea

    July 19, 2006 at 9:46 am

    10 advertising :D

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