Team 67 Has Left The Building

14 Jul 2006

Yey, this week I’ve been working on a cool project and it just went live! The past days I’ve been busy writing an ‘on the road manual’ for Frank Klemann, helped setting up a cool blog for the journey and I even drove to The Netherlands to hand over the brand new Nokia N90 and a laptop. My first real ‘consulting’ job ;) Nice. Here’s what it’s all about:

Team 67 is the team of Henry Wissing, a dentist from Eersel (The Netherlands) and Frank Klemann,’s General Manager. Both enthusiasts are experienced classic car rally drivers. The car they’ll use on their way to fame is a 1972 Toyota Celica.


The Amsterdam – Beijing Classic Car Endurance Rally 2006 is going to be one of the most spectacular rallies you’ve ever seen.

From July 14th until August 13th, one hundred teams will travel a distance of 17.500 kilometers (10.874 miles) with their classic cars and old-timers. The rally kicks off at The Dam in Amsterdam and is going to span 14 countries and 2 continents, ending gracefully on the Tienanmen Square in Beijing.

Next to the personal weblog of Team67, on Typepad, RTL7 -a Dutch TV station- and the Chinese channel CCTV2 will document the rally twice every day. IdTV, a Dutch production house, will co-produce reports extensively together with UK’s North One and CCTV. A 35-member production crew will use 12 cameras and will capture the entire event using choppers and cars. Approximately 1.000.000 Dutch viewers and a few hundred million Chinese viewers will be able to keep track of the adventures of Team 67 and the other 99 teams.

Team 67 has been given a brand new Nokia N90 by i-merge and promised to document and blog their experiences. If all goes well, you –dearest reader- will be served unique pictures and video footage from within the heat of the journey. The only thing we couldn’t do (yet) was include the smell of burning rubber and hot asphalt, but we’re working on that.

Thanks to Tanguy from TheseDays for helping with the Nokia setup, thanks to Maarten from SixApart and to de designers ‘upstairs’ who’ve made the blog look really slick.

Check out the adventures of Team67 !

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