17 Jun 2006

Hans is a funny guy from The Netherlands with a lot of background. He’s been working for Tulip (the computer company) for over 17 years and he’s an evangelist and trendwatcher. I learned a lot of things from him, through his weblog and through the conversations I’ve had with him (although there weren’t that many). He’s one of those guys that lead a normal life with wife, kids and a job he loves and from the moment you stop to follow it from day to day, you’ll see you’ve missed something great he did. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not an automated greatness producer, but seriously… he knows what he’s doing and how to do it. If his blog is moving slow, that’s the time to watch it closely because then you know he’s cooking up something nice.

And so it happened that all of the sudden he sent me an email with some stuff he did. And all you can say is: wow!

What follows are some links, unfortunately for Dutch speaking/reading people only (unless he’s going to translate it) of nice things he’s been up to.

The new thing that I hadn’t heard of was that he made a screencast. Not just a screencast, but a special screencast intended to be used as a viral. And that was something I haven’t seen before. This is a nice way to grab the viewer’s attention. It’s sort of like the BRTV commercials I wrote about last year. Branded screencasts not only cause the consumer to change the idea he/she intentionally had, it’ll make it more natural for the consumer to accept your product as being ‘needed’. It gives you a whole window of opportunities to reach out and explain everything there is to be said. And that’s really great. A new medium, combined with an existing brand building tool. Quite innovative.

Because Hans sort of unwantedly crowned himself as the king of screencasting of The Netherlands and Belgium, Webwereld – a Dutch magazine – recently interviewed him about the possibilities of screencasting. An interesting read if you haven’t seen the possibilities yet, and certainly worth checking out as well.

Another nice thing Hans was involved in (he wrote page 7) is the online/offline news magazine: A Great Place To Live, which is a brochure about The Netherlands that talks about ‘what lives amongst the people’. Yeah. Hans has been quite busy. Just so you know.

Check out HansOnExperience

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