Hanging Cars

27 Apr 2006

One way to grab attention is to create the exact opposite of what people know and expect. A car normally drives on the road, it’s parked with its four wheels touching the earth surface. Well, it’s just because you’ve always known things to have been like this that seeing those objects in a totally different position really grabs your eyeballs and demands a second, third or even fourth look. Here are some examples of those moments that create 100% awareness. I’ve lined up five cases after the jump. Due to heavy images (the total loading time of the five cases) it might not be so good to put it all on the index at once…

I lined up the cases of the Ford Escape 2.3, Mercedes M-Class, Jeep and Sixt Rent-a-Car and the Mini Track

This one is via AdFreak, for Ford Escape.

This one is via Billboardom, for Mercedes.

Mercedes M-Class
Copy: “Reserved Only For M-Class”.

This one is via Advertka, for Jeep.

Jeep Only

And this one is via Marketing Post, for Sixt Rent-a-Car.

Sixt Rent-a-Car
“Hamburg airport. Either strong glue or that car is made of plastic.”

This one is via AdLand, for Mini (Cooper).


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