Yahoo TV Launched

26 Apr 2006

So, I’m waiting for Google to come after this but in the meanwhile Yahoo kicked off their Go-TV and from the first reviews I’ve read I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that it really opens up a lot of opportunities. Not only for advertisers, but also for consumers.

From the Unofficial Yahoo Blog:

Instead of huddling around your 17″ monitor and cluttered desk to view your Y! Photo album of the latest family gathering, you can show them from the comfort of your TV viewing room. You can also see pictures from on-the-fly Flickr searches. You can also play DVD’s or saved video files on your computer and watch them on your TV! Kind of eliminates the need for the ol’ DVD-player don’t it? And there’s a lot of Yahoo! Premium content in audio and video form that is easily accessible through Yahoo! Go – TV.
There’s more features to discover at the Y! Go – TV site.

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