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23 Apr 2006

Gillian and Ryan Carson are doing a great job building a new and extended magazine filled with goodies, tips and tricks for webminded people. The ‘interviews‘ section is really an interesting part to look at, you can learn a lot from the experiences of others when it comes to having great ideas or solving design related problems. A lot of interesting folks are helping this project grow, and if they keep it up this way, it’s going to be big.


Tune in today, you won’t regret it.

The web has undoubtedly entered a new and exciting phase. Designers, developers and entrepreneurs are energized, refueled and producing some mind-blowing projects. The buzz is most definitely back! Vitamin is a brand new online magazine dedicated to that new web industry.

Vitamin will inspire you, teach you, advise you and sometimes test you with its in-depth features, audio interviews, training sessions and reviews.

It’s updated every week, and it’s free! So whether you just want to get dirty with the code or plan to topple Google with your next cunning web app idea, Vitamin is your new best friend.

Think Vitamin | via SwissMiss

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