Why Women Shop Online

18 Apr 2006

Marketing To Women Online has a descriptive article up about why women shop online. Do women shop the same way online as they shop offline? Do they have the same needs, questions, buying process? Is what’s most important to them offline also what’s most important to them online? There is a reason why she is on the Internet and not in a store. Understanding what that reason is is absolutely key for making your site successful. If you ever need to target women or tune your site, MTWO describes the key topics with the help of examples. Very useful.

  • To save time
  • To get a better selection
  • To research a product
  • To get a better value
  • Anonymity
  • Logistics – i.e. there isn’t a branch of the store near her, she’s buying a gift and it’s easier to buy and send online than buy offline and have to wrap it and go to the post office

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