MERL Game Table Prototype

05 Apr 2006

Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs came up with this Game Table Prototype in which they demo Warcraft III and show you how you can command characters using your voice and hands. Awesome !

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories is the North American arm of the Corporate R&D organization of the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. We conduct application motivated basic research and advanced development in computer and communication technologies.

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Need more info about this prototype? Send email to shen at


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  1. Edward Tse

    April 7, 2006 at 10:26 pm

    Hi, my name is Edward Tse and I am one of the authors of this work. If you’d like to view some more detailed videos of Warcraft III and Google Earth please visit

  2. Coolz0r - Marketing Thoughts » Multimodal Co-Located Interaction Project

    April 7, 2006 at 10:57 pm

    [...] Two days ago I said something about a multi-touch interface that came out of the Mitsubishi Electronic Research Labs. Edward Tse, a doctoral student and one of the authors of that prototype commented on my post and pointed to his website where I found a more complete version of the movie, including a demo of Google Earth. It’s amazing what you can do with this Multimodal Co-located Interaction project. [...]