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T-Shirt 2.0

27 Feb 2006

Customize your t-shirts and have your very own word cloud printed, based on the content of your blog or website. Snapshirts does it all. Just enter the URL and let the generator do the work for you. After 30 seconds of waiting, you’re presented with the result. A complete list of all the generated words can be edited; you can replace words, ignore words or adjust the font or color. After that, you need to choose a t-shirt style and color from the options shown. Note: You are not making a purchase. You need to provide a valid email address so you can be contacted you when your t-shirt is ready. Snapshirts cannot guarantee access to your shirt except through that email message, so please use a working address.

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… and yes, I ordered mine. Check out SnapShirts to have your own !


FCUK French Connection

26 Feb 2006

FCUK’s French Connection series has some strong advertising going on with girlfights. Check out the movie, it’s a fun thing to see. Nice clothing too.


The collection’s advertising stills series for this summer has a pretty image too:


Check out the campaign home site


Parking Lot Guerrilla

26 Feb 2006

Wexley School For Girls (Check out the website!) was assigned to do a print ad, instead, they painted this in high school parking lots on the night before the prom. Hard & Solid.

Wexley School For Girls

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Everybody Wants To Be A Dog

26 Feb 2006

Keen thinking produced by Romanian agency Leo Burnett. I love the idea. Eukanuba dog food is apparently so delicious that every other animal wants to be a dog too.


Cat 1

Some more ads… Read the rest of this entry »


Big Head, Small Mouth

26 Feb 2006

Brand New Day points to a campaign Duval Guillaume Brussels did for Bubblicious Chewing Gum. I wonder if they know it has an inverted brother for another brand. Well, maybe inverted isn’t the right word, but seeing this ‘big head’ reminded me of the ’small mouth’ I saw a few days ago. There’s not really a relation between the two, besides the fact it’s about heads and food.

Bubblicious Guy

Bubblicious Girl

Mini Burger Rings

See other Mini Burger Rings ads, they’re quite funny.


Schweppes Outdoor Marketing

26 Feb 2006

Duval Guillaume Antwerp came up with this original concept for Schweppes:


Word is that this concept will travel through parks and cities across Europe and many fountains would be dressed up this way. Can’t wait to see that happen…

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Language For Life

26 Feb 2006

My good friend Jan sent me this very funny video from Berlitz yesterday. I’m always in for a good commercial and I had a great laugh with this one. Stereotyped all over, but so very adorable.

YouTube link.


Van Gogh Museum

26 Feb 2006

Van Gogh is the famous painter who almost cut off his ear (it was only the lobe). He produced all of his work (some 900 paintings and 1100 drawings) during the ten year period before he committed suicide. Most of his best known work was produced in the final two years of his life, and in two months before his death he painted 90 pictures. Van Gogh was a real geek, his state of mind was not helped by overwork, bad dietary habits and reliance on tobacco, coffee and alcohol. Some agency Duval Guillaume Brussels was very well aware of Van Gogh’s devotion to coffee and put together this ad for the Cafe of the Van Gogh Museum. I think it’s incredibly accurate :)

Van Gogh Museum

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