Mobile Search Paper, Endtones & More

30 Jan 2006

From [SearchEngineWatch] comes this goody:

If you want a brief overview of what mobile search is, how it differs from other forms of search, mobile business models, and more, this paper, “Introduction to Mobile Search” (7 pages; PDF) by the Mobile Marketing Association is worth a read.

Closely related, NewsWeek has quite an interesting bit about the developments in the use of SMS:

Not long ago, texting, also called SMS, was the domain of the young. But now it appears to have joined the letter, phone, fax and e-mail as a bona fide communications tool of institutions in government and the private sector.

Read the article on [NewsWeek].

Also closely related is the birth of a new market: the endtones.

Although endtone shares similarities with the $4 billion a year ring tone phenomenon, endtone is now the newest and most exciting offering in the mobile content industry. Disconnect tones enhance the user experience when a wireless connection is completed.

Endtone disconnect tones are marketed and sold like ring tones. Whereas ring tones signify incoming calls, endtone disconnect tones notify wireless device users that voice and data connections are terminated. Endtone disconnect tones include “hang-up tones” and “drop tones.”

Read more on the [] site.

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