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30 Jan 2006

You just got to see ‘Fear of Girls‘ by Ryan Wood

A great Google Video Tom sent me to prepare myself for an ad proposal I’m helping to create. It’s about two fantasy geeky role-playing adepts who discuss the merits of, well, being geeky role-playing gamers.

Doug Douglason : If you can bend the walls of reality with the power of your imagination, that’s a gift to be respected… and feared.

(If you can’t access Google Video from your country, try the Google Video downloader.) – total runtime : 11 minutes

Fear Of Girls

You also got to see ‘The IT Crowd

An online premiere of a hilarious ‘docudramasoap’ about what’s going on in the IT department in the basement. It’s full episode ! 23 minutes of viewing pleasure. Tune in here (.wmv) or visit the Channel 4 microsite.

The high-rise towers of Reynholm Industries are full of go-getters, success stories, and winners… apart from in the basement.

While their beautiful colleagues work in fantastic surroundings, Jen, Roy and Moss lurk below ground, scorned and mocked by their co-workers as geeky losers, doomed never to make it back into normal society.

IT Crowd

Kudos to Myriam

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