Protecting Your Search Privacy

23 Jan 2006

SearchEngineWatch helps you cover your (local) search history with Harry Potter’s magic cloak. Too bad you actually can’t remove remotely stored information, but here’s five steps that help you deleting the local dirt pile and give you some insight in what’s happening with your information on the remote side:

1. Search Privacy On Your Own Computer
2. Search Privacy & Your ISP
3. Search Privacy & Your Search Engine
4. Search Privacy & Your Personalized Results
5. Search Privacy & Sites You Visit / Tracking Services

Interesting conclusion :

[...]most people probably think the conversations they have with search engines as being private. But to date, we don’t have any protected searcher-search engine relationship as we do with attorney-client privilege or between clergy and worshipper. Perhaps that needs to be enshrined in some way. But then again, others may feel that going out on to the public web and using publicly accessible search engines entitles no one to an expectation of privacy, or perhaps a more limited one.

Tune in to this article for more background information, follow the links at the bottom of the page.

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