French Maid TV, A Guide To Video Podcasting

09 Jan 2006

I’m still waiting for the second edition of their video podcast because the first one was really funny. Nevertheless, since I hadn’t blogged the first one yet I’ll do that now so y’all can wait with me. In their first episode, the French Maids showed the world how to video podcast. Laura, Eve and Natalie were quite entertaining when they were giving it a go, and that French accent and the background music made it sound a lot like ‘Allo, Allo’, a British comedy that ran on Flemish television a few years ago. (I believe the reruns are still quite popular)

The marketing of the fanware goes through cafepress but it’s not so extended yet. Perhaps in a next stage they will offer more things…

French Maids

Check out the video podcast, episode 1 (.mov, 11mb) – the websitethe bios.

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