Freddy The Hamster

29 Dec 2005

Freddy The Hamster is the main character of i-Merge’s interactive X-Mas greeting, in true interactive standards delivered seriously overdue. Deadlines? Where? :)

What is this hamster-thing about? Well, seems that Freddy, your typical lazy rodent, sleeps a lot. Whenever you SMS (text) ‘wake up freddy’ to 3354 (in Belgium, that is) you can activate the hamster. Sending the SMS will cost you €1, the profits gained will be donated to charity – in this case ‘vredeseilanden‘, an NGO specialized in delivering Food Security in the third world. For a good cause and a laugh, please activate Freddy.
Just make sure the PETA or GAIA don’t catch up on you for mistreating the poor rodent.

There’s a hamster-cam, some hamster-pics, and an office for sale on eBay.


Question : they sell the Xmas statues on eBay for one Euro, and the Nokia is in the picture too, does that mean I can buy the Nokia for one euro? Sweet :)

Also, totally off topic, while linking to GAIA, I noticed they offer a site with or without frames. Ummm ? Isn’t it supposed to be Flash or HTML? What kind of modernistic design heroes are behind this site? Asking people to use the frameless site if your resolution is 640 x 480 px is soooo 1997.

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