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11 Dec 2005

Together with Jason Schramm from Shiwej, I’ve decided to start a guestblogging series which will run on both our blogs at about the same time.
Today (December 11th, 2005) is installment number eight of the series and this time we turned to a blogging journalist who’s very well known in the blogosphere: Om Malik. Om writes mostly about the next generation of internet and he also has a weekly 20-minute podcast session with Niall about technology. Besides this he has a big archive of articles he wrote for the Business 2.0 website, where he is a senior writer.

1. How did you get into blogging?

I started blogging back in 2001, when I was working for Red Herring, a monthly business magazine. I got so much additional information on stories I wrote on a daily basis that I decided to share it with others. Of course, you know what they say…. out takes of movies are better than the movies themselves. same for me, I decided to publish my out takes.

2. What is your blog’s name, what is it about?

My blog is called, /Om Malik on Broadband [rss]. I write mostly about the latest developments in the broadband world and how they impact the world of technology at large. It is an extension of my work for Business 2.0 magazine, where I write about the fast changing tech landscape and innovation.

3. Are there any policies you follow when reporting on an issue?

I follow the same policies as I do as a reporter. Three sources are a must, or otherwise the story is reported as a rumor. I never do single source posts, and have to confirm facts from diverse sources in order to put it on the site.

4. What guidelines do you follow when linking to an outside source?

I simply link to whom ever is the author of the story, and try and include folks who got me to the link in the first place.

5. Do you think you are trustworthy? Why do your readers trust you?

I think this is a question you need to ask the readers.

6. Do you think bloggers should be treated as journalists and be privy to the rights and protections that journalists enjoy?

Again, I am a journalist who blogs. So perhaps, I am not equipped to answer this question.


Initiated together with Jason Schramm, this guest blogging series will continue to make people aware of the power of linking and the need to give credit to the people who earn it.
Together, we’re improving the Blogosphere, you can help too if you start linking here !
And be sure to check out Jason’s post here.

Note :

Jason and I are not related but have a common field. Jason writes for the BlogNewsChannel, and takes care of Apple Watch, very surprisingly the Apple section of Nathan’s network.
I sometimes write on Inside Google & Inside Microsoft.


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