Artext Turns Your Images Into Text

04 Dec 2005

Nice toy in trial version : Artext’s Photo to Text allows you to convert your colour photo’s/images into colour text versions. Pretty unique is that you can type any message that you want, the converted image will become a full colour, readable text version of your original colour photo. From a distance it looks like a photo, up close you can read the text with your words, thoughts or story. This tool reminds me of Toogle, something I’ve posted earlier, except this time, you can customize the text and pictures yourself.

The set-up as I’ve done it to try this out :

1. Download the tool trial for PC or Mac
2. Install the zipped file & run it
3. Click on the ’select image’ button, then browse for an image
4. Click on the ’save as’ button and name the output file (will be html)
5. Select a font type from the drop-down menu
6. Set a font size (you might want to keep the ‘-1′)
7. Set the alignment
8. Set a format
9. Set the page background color
10. Set the text mode to ‘Custom Text’
11. Leave the ‘html header’ for what it is. (you can change it later)
12. Enter the text in the big textfield below
13. Click the ‘Convert’ button

Notes : You’ll have to clear the text box first. There are four options right above it to modify some more, but I’ve only disabled the third one (‘auto save name’), the rest is ‘checked’.

Use the ‘image preview’ to modify the selected image, though it didn’t show everything when I did that. The trial version has alerts that pop-up when you want to export. That’s because they think you should consider buying the tool if you like it. It didn’t disturb me, but I just wanted to add it so you know they’re present, and it’s normal.

What it looks like in an image :

Links : [Artext] – [Reviews] – via [ThrashTalk]

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