Word Of Mouth Basic Training

30 Nov 2005

WOMMA’s Word of Mouth Training (WOMBAT) Blog kicked off on November 24th. They started the blog, along with the companion email newsletter and podcast series, to provide practical, hands-on advice about word of mouth marketing. And so they do.

How-To : Dealing With Negative Word of Mouth – 5 Tips from Ketchum’s Paul Rand

1. Know your detractor
2. Listen to your complaints
3. Have facts readily available
4. Maintain perspective
5. Activate your influencers

Read all about these 5 tips

"Digging up dirt on the bad guy will only land you in more hot water, Paul says. But with a thoughtful, honest approach, negative word of mouth can be counteracted quickly."


Visit [the WOMBAT blog] via [i-Wisdom]


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